Radio Dreyeckland Radio Dreyeckland is the oldest free radio station in Germany. There are around 200 people in 80 editorial departments, who put news in 15 different languages on the air 24 hours per day. The editorial work is mostly not paid. Radio Dreyeckland considers itself as a left-wing political radio station with an alternative and highly differentiated music culture. The program is geared to this idea. Aside from about 50 different music programs there are regular programs focusing on special subjects such as the environment, women/lesbians, refugees as well as radio shows focusing on local topics.

The program on Radio Dreyeckland is commercial-free. The radio station is financed solely by membership fees, donations and public licence fees.

The radio station was founded in 1977 by anti-nuclear activists as Radio Verte Fessenheim in the French region Alsace. By broadcasting through a pirate radio station the media activists wanted to support the protest against the construction of new nuclear power stations in the region and create a counterpublic. In close cooperation with local social movements, Radio Dreyeckland illegally reported about social and political debates in the triangle Switzerland- France- Germany for many years. Starting in 1983, Radio Dreyeckland fought for a legal frequency. Since 1988, Radio Dreyeckland has been broadcasting legally despite great resistance from the German state.

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Regiowasser e.V. & Ak Wasser im BBU. Since 1981 the research group Regiowasser has been active within the Federal Association of Environmental Citizens Groups (BBU) building a network of environmental groups.

Regiowasser produces a bi-weekly newsletter directed to citizens groups, local politicians and journalists. The research group supports cooperation between authorities, associations, urban designers and universities. It also developed an 'environmental footprint' method which is likely to be used as an indicator for the Land Development Plan in Freiburg 2020.

Jörg Lange has designed and directed several projects in Freiburg's socio-environmental Model City District Vauban. He supported the implementation of the car-free mobility concept in the Vauban District (2001-2003). Furthermore he designed and managed several passive houses, including the first "zero energy" house in Southwest Germany.

Contact: Dr. Jörg Lange, Regiowasser e.V. & Ak Wasser im BBU
Alfred-Döblin-Platz 1 79100 Freiburg Germany

Tel. +49-761-45683334 / 275693 / 45683357
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iz3w - informationszentrum 3. welt. The abbreviation iz3w stands for the "Third World Information Center" based in Freiburg. Since 1970 the iz3w and its background association Aktion Dritte Welt e.V. (ADW) is engaged in critical debates around development and environmental issues.

We maintain an extensive archive of magazines and newspapers, open to the general public, and run an education programme, including workshops, seminars, conferences, panel discussions and the publication of educational material. The most important feature of our work is the publication of the magazine iz3w. Since 1970 the iz3w is one of the most important independent magazines dealing with north-south issues in the German speaking part of Europe. In our eight editions yearly, we deal with various topics ranging from globalization - migration and racism, development policies and theory, environment, ecology and media to literature as well as social movements. These and many other issues are analysed in the context of the north-south relations, which still remain the central issue for political, economic and cultural developments in spite of the shifts in recent times.

Environmental aspects are one of the main issues we deal with. Our engagement in a critical debate about environmetal aspects of social development resulted in the publication of various brochures and special issues, e.g. on global resource management, biopolitics, climate change and (renewable) energy concepts. Our part in this debate is to link environmental issues to the question of social justice and highlight academic studies and controversial debates from a north-south perspective. Due to the long working experience and networking with other actors the iz3w is in close contact to numerous critical scientists, environmental activists and authors, who are going to work on selected fact sheets of the topics they are specialized on.

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