Frise Fréquences libres is the communications system of the "Association for the cooperation of free radios stations" (Corali). Its components are a newspaper called "Fréquences libres", a website and a webzine, Infonet.

Corali brings together many radios stations which have ratified a charter referring to the universal declaration of human rights. It manages a purchasing group, produces radio broadcastings for its members, protects the interests of the third media sector and campaigns for media pluralism which is an essential condition for democracy. It values international solidarity among NGO media.

Corali participates in the Dynamo effect campaign because this radios broadcastings series is in line with the values recommended by its charter, particularly with regards to its environmental protection part.

Local scientific expert

Rac Réseau Action Climat−France (RAC−F) is the French organization of CAN−International Network. It is entirely focused on issues related to climate change and energy. The members of RAC−F are national NGOs dealing with general environmental matters such as Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, WWF, etc. and NGOs which focus either on specific energy matters such as CLER (all renewable energies) and HESPUL (photovoltaic energy) or on transversal issues such as transportation (FNAUT).

As such, RAC−F has the necessary resources and competencies to provide the Corali radio network with all the scientific and technical expertise required for the European Energy Radio Campaign project.