Orange ORANGE 94.0, the Community Radio in Vienna, has been broadcasting since summer 1998 with the goal to provide public attention for medial underrepresented people, groups, movements and opinions. ORANGE 94.0 is therefore an important platform, which also involves initiatives that stand up for environment and climate protection and strive for a new "energy era", in terms of a sensible, economical, sustainable and resource-saving use of energy.

In close contact with environmentalists, ORANGE 94.0 continuously reports on such initiatives and their work. At the same time we provide innovative ideas for both individual energy-saving opportunities, as well as resistance possibilities against a destructive environmental policy at regional, European and global level.

Frequency ORANGE 94.0: in the area of Vienna on FM 94.0 MHz Vienna UPC cable on FM 92.7 MHz on the internet

Local scientific expert

Virus VIRUS is an environmental NGO located in the environmental bureau of the WUK-center in Vienna. The main fields of activity are energy and transport systems, climate change, as well as the complex topic of the water-rivers- riparian forest-dynamic. The decades of dealing with these topics led to the acquisition of deeper competences. A significant share of the persons that contribute to VIRUS on a non-profit basis have scientific qualilifications, are working in scientific fields and are part of energy relevant research programmes.

Besides background research and assessment activities and the contributions to public participation procedures, such as Environmental Impact Assessments, both the PR work for mass media and the use of performative/dramatic tools serve as means to communicate results and provide an insight for the public. It is a permanent challenge for VIRUS to communicate complex problems as comprehensive and possible, without endangering the persistence of the results through oversimplifications.