Klubradio 10th of December 2001 the Klubrádió - as the only 'talk and news' radio in Hungary - has started on the FM 95,3 Hz in Budapest and its radius of 70 km. From December 2007 you can listen to Klubrádio on more than 50% of Hungary's territory on 11 different frequencies.

In 2003 Klubrádio, as a commercial radio has received the Radio of the year award Intensive news and information service - News bulletins more than once every hour including traffic reports, sport, weather forecast, News about public life and culture, business and economy.

Thematic programs in different subjects - like green topics, economy, business, public life, culture and life style with well-known program leaders.

Interactive - talking magazines, with cooperation of experts and the listeners. The structure of the radio follows people's demands for more expectation of information, opinions and news especially at age of 25 or above.

The magazine and "opinion" programs play important role in the program structure of the radio whose main aim is to:

  • work up the today's information and actualities of public life, environmental questions, economy, culture, entertaining events and lifestyle
  • demonstrate opinions and ideas from both the experts and listeners' point of view
  • strive for listening to so wide range of topic representatives as possible showing objectivity and impartiality
  • give opportunity of giving, sharing and crashing different opinions

Our main frequency is: 95.3

Local scientific expert

Energia Klub The Energia Klub is a rapidly evolving NGO, developing its activities along strategic commitments, fostering energy-related issues throughout the CEE region. Our aim is to contribute to the birth of a civilized energy-consuming, sustainable society in Hungary and on the European continent. To this end we take part in the preparation of energy policy decision making, offer expert consultation and information services as well as showing alternative solutions through our pilot projects. Our areas of activity: climate protection, popularising renewable energy and energy efficiency and strengthening nuclear safety.

Energia Klub is run by 13 highly skilled young professionals, working on energy policy and awareness raising on above mentioned issues. Currently we involved in 4 Europian (FP7, IEE, Central Europe) and 3 international and 12 large national projects. The Energia Klub was founded in 1990, by 10 Hungarian green organizations.

Energia Klub has been involved numerous dissemination project, for popularise Climate Change, Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency nationwide.