The project Dynamo Effect

Dynamo Effect is a radio campaign of 210 radio shows broadcast in Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy and Spain by 300 radio stations on the following topics: climate change, food and agriculture, green home, heating and cooling, green electricity, electricity end-use, recycle and re-use, smart mobility, smart vehicles, green company.

The aim of Dynamo Effect is to reduce the gap between European countries in intelligent energy use and sustainable mobility and exchange of best practices between countries.

We started broadcasting on January 2010. The website collect radio shows and promote local events and scientific documents provided by the scientific partner and local experts.


Project co-financed by: European Commission - Intelligent Energy Europe IEE

Project coordinator: Marco Di Puma, Errepi SpA, Radio Popolare, Milan – Italy; Tel. +39 023 924 1400 email:

Project deliverables

European Action Plan
The Boarding Project (BP) during the previous meeting in Sevilla (26-30/11/08), Freiburg (21-24/03/09) has elaborated the General plan to realize the actions in order to reach the objectives and the expected results of the project.
Download report on European Action Plan

Local Action Plan
We have collected all the Deliverable D1.1 Local Action Plan we sent last March 2010 attached at the Interim Technical Implementation Report (IR) presented by the partner of the project.
Download Local Action Plan document

Guide lines for the European Communication Campaign
The European Radio Editorial Team, with the Scientific partner have defined: the approach, the radio language to adopt in the radio shows, the contents of the 30 topics that will be developed in the radio shows by the 7 partner radios, the format (i.e. how many interviews, how to manage the scientific sheets, to open the telephone or not to the listeners etc.).
Download guidelines for the European Communication Campaign

Radio Shows
The deliverables produced in WP3 are 210 radio shows (30 for each radio partner). All the shows have been uploaded on the project web site and can be listened and/or downloaded. The present report presents a written summary on the radio shows produced by each partner.
Download report on Radio Shows

Network and audience
This deliverable represents the focus point of the project: the impact of the radio campaign.
In this documents we show the results achieved concerning the dimension of the European radio network and the consequent total audience.
Download report on Network and audience

Project web site
This deliverable is the web site Dynamo effect. All deliverables of this WP are free available and downloading on the project web site. In this report we list the deliverables (products) produced by each radio and uploaded on the web site.
Download report on Project web site

National workshop and Energy days
This report contain all the 3 deliverables foreseen in WP6: report on national workshops and energy days, operating reports on energy days organization, report on the initiatives' effectiveness for each energy day.
Download report on National workshop and Energy days

Campaign implementation
In this document all the 7 radio involved in the project explain criterions and reasons on which they based their promotion strategies in order to reach the maximum impact for the campaign. According with the Management Board decision, all the radio invested the majority of the financial resources in two "media": Radios and Internet
In this report we have listed all the advertise done on newpapers, radios, internet, magazines.
Download report on Campaign implementation