Near 90 NEAR 90fm is the Community Radio Station for the Northeast of Dublin, Ireland. It began broadcasting in 1995. The station currently broadcasts on a frequency of 90.3 MHz and online at

NEAR 90fm is owned and controlled by a co-operative, Dublin North East Community Communications Co-op. The co-operative is based on an accountable and democratic model and seeks to be as decentralized as possible. The co-op is not-for-profit and secure its income through publicly funded community development initiatives, including training, a form of commercial Sponsorship based on a Canadian model, and a range of community / listener supported fundraisers. In addition to NEAR 90fm, the co-operative also operates NEAR TV and NEAR online.

Our programming mix aims for an increasing range of meaningful talk programmes and specialist music of a type not currently broadcast on existing radio in the Dublin area.?Our volunteers are not primarily presenters of a programs but, are rather, facilitators who attempting to democratise the communications media.

Most of NEAR 90fm's programmes are made by Volunteers supported by part-time and full-time staff. Our most distinguishing feature is the participatory nature of the relationship between the station and its community. We aim not only to participate in the life of the community, but also to allow the community to participate in the life of the station.

In NEAR fm special interest music is broadcast by lovers of these genres. We display more passion for our music; we strive to have more informed comment and are committed to listener participation.

In news and current affairs, we experiment with ways to make news better serve our information needs. A restructuring of how information is assembled and presented will offer us, both inside the station and outside, the power to control our own definitions of ourselves, of what counts as news and what is enjoyable and significant about our culture.

NEAR 90fm is a member of CRAOL (the community radio forum of Ireland) and AMARC Europe and subscribes to the European Charter for Community Radio.

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Sustainable Ireland is a worker's co-operative whose main initiative is Cultivate. Cultivate's mission is to respond to energy vulnerability and climate change by providing access to the knowledge and tools to cultivate sustainable lifestyles and resilient communities.

We see Cultivate as a hub for a community of people and activities. By providing the tools and facilities that support people's efforts to become more sustainable, Cultivate aims to be an engine of local economy, community building and Cultural renewal.

Cultivate hosts and supports a number of community focused projects. Projects include Community Powerdown, Community Mapping, The Network Directory, Sustainable Tourism, Education Directory and the Living and Learning eBulletin.

Cultivate not only provides courses, conferences, workshops and seminars in sustainability but innovates in the way education is provided. We focus on outcomes and actions while applying a methodology that is both holistic and collaborative. Ultimately this means that we take an integrated approach and respond to the feedback of course participants. We place a high priority on the 'praxis' model meaning that theory and action are inseparable elements of education and that only learning that becomes integrated in lifestyle choices is capable of producing real change in society.